20 Questions With Limecrime Founder Doe Deere

20 questions with my friend Doe Deere the founder of the amazing makeup line Limecrime. I felt she was a perfect person’s brain to pick about inspiration and fashion! Also enjoy the exclusive images of the Limecrime offices!

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Audrey Kitching: Lime Crime has blown up over the past few years with its kitschy rainbow my little pony aesthetics. It’s taken the makeup game to a new level for all girly girls like myself. What was your inspirations for wanting to create a makeup brand in the first place?

Doe Deere: Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ve loved makeup since a very young age; I was also an avid reader of fairytales. It was only a matter of time till the two passions collided! My most favorite thing to do in the world is bring fantasy to life and I am ecstatic to be doing it for a living — in a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free way.

AK: What does the name Lime Crime stand for?

DD: Color revolution, doing things your own way and getting away with it!

AK: Of all your amazing items, which would have to be your favorite?

DD: I love our candy-purple lipstick, Airborne Unicorn (goes well with my lavender hair!), as well as the glittery red lip gloss we call Candy Apple.

AK: Lime Crime has the most badass names for all its colors and products. How do you come up with them? I would have to sit there with a thesaurus for hours!

DD: A love for wordplay is something me and my partner/husband Mark have in common, among other things. Making up whimsical word combinations is a hobby, we just can’t resist it! We take special pride in funny names like “No She Didn’t” (for a blue lipstick) or “Countessa Fluorescent” (neon pink).

AK: You have a very eye catching signature style, who are your personal style icons?

DD: At the risk of sounding very conceited, I don’t have any style icons. There are definitely people whose style I admire (you among them!), but I really can’t say it came from this person or that. I take bits and pieces from everyone and pile them onto each other; I’m like one giant stack of pancakes! *laughs* I will say, however, that I lean towards the colorful, feminine, fantasy and slightly bizarre in my sartorial choices.

AK: If you didn’t have a makeup line, what would you see yourself doing for a living?

DD: I started out in fashion, that’s my secondary passion after makeup. I really enjoy shoes and accessories, so perhaps that’s what I would be doing.

AK: Mermaids or Unicorns?

DD: Ooh, a tough one. I’ve been obsessed with mermaids since I was a toddler. And I mean, obsessed. Unicorns came a bit later after I watched fantasy movies Legend and The Last Unicorn. Lime Crime’s mascot is a unicorn as a symbol of individuality and kindness towards other animals, a philosophy close to my heart.

AK: You recently relocated from NYC to LA and opened up a new office. What was your inspiration while decorating it?

DD: Funny, you just went from West Coast to East! I am elated to finally have an office, and decorating it to my own fancy is definitely one of the benefits. We chose rich purples, lavenders and lipstick-reds with accents of white and gold, to match our packaging. My favorite is the Inspiration Room. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a place filled to the brim with all things that currently inspire us. It’s the most evolving room in the office with a slew of new oddities, furniture and craft projects pouring in constantly. The Inspiration Room was recently converted into an alchemist’s den for a photoshoot for our upcoming collection, Alchemy.

AK: Much like myself, you are a wonderful cat lady! What are your kitties names and what breed are they?

DD: Cat ladies for life! *high-fives* Puffy Fluffles, Felix Fluffingsworth and Chester von Battingham (yes, those are their real names) are my three babies. Although I love all cats, I am especially fond of Persians – a long-haired breed with a flat face. I don’t suggest that you buy from a breeder either, Felix and Chester are both rescues and I couldn’t wish for more wonderful companions! If you’re looking for a great pet, I recommend your local shelter or Pet Finder.

AK: Favorite designers at the moment?

DD: As an avid vintage collector, I tend to be more into the clothes than designers. However: Anna Sui’s aesthetic usually resonates with me (her Soho store is wildly inspirational), Betsy Johnson collections mostly from the 90s, Meadham Kirchhoff and Miu Miu.

AK: Do you have a career role model? Someone you look up to who who aspires your path and motivation?

DD: Karl Lagerfeld. Uncompromising visionary and a personality (even though he puts his foot in his mouth a lot).

AK: Last thing you ate?

DD: Sipping on the Naked Berry/Veggie smoothie. I love anything with beets in it right now. Come to think of it, beet might just be my favorite color this season!

AK: If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

DD: That’s easy, purple! There are so many wonderful shades, from pale lilac to muted mauves to rich violets, I’d be set for life.

AK: 3 things every girl should have in her purse?

DD: A mirror, a comb, and a tube of good red lipstick, all you need to go from drab to fab in mere moments!

AK: 5 things you can’t live without?

DD: Lip balm (my favorite brand is Cococare), mascara, lipstick of choice, compact foundation and blotting tissues to keep me shine-free throughout the day. I wear lots of color, so a flawless canvas is a must.

AK: Favorite bands/musicians at the moment?

DD: I recently picked up a CD by my friend Voltaire, aptly named Riding A Black Unicorn. It hasn’t left my player since, it’s sooo funny! If you like humor and don’t get offended easily, you’ll probably enjoy it.

AK: What’s next for Lime Crime?

DD: Alchemy, our new triple-threat collection, is coming out October 13th — at midnight, of course! It will include an eyeshadow palette, two new lipsticks and a ‘mook’ (magazine/book). By the way, the face of the collection is a fellow Buzznet gal, Lola Blanc.

AK: Any advice for aspiring people in the beauty/cosmetics industry?

DD: Stay true to your vision, no matter how odd it might be! Don’t be afraid to be different & stick out and you’ll succeed!