The Best And Worst Dressed Men In Hollywood

Here’s my take on men’s style: Dressing well as a guy is EASY. Buy one or two good pairs of jeans (no distressing, no engineering, no bells and whistles, just JEANS), get a few packs of solid colored t-shirts, pick up a pair of Converse All Stars or Jack Purcells in a neutral color, and there you go. YOU LOOK GREAT. It’s when dudes start to try to add “flair” that things start to go horribly wrong (see: Johnny Depp). Some dudes can do hipness and accoutrement without looking like clowns or street performers (see: Andre 3000), but some can’t. Also, some famous dudes seem to look dapper and polished on red carpets only to look like overgrown frat guys in their free time.

In light of all of my IMPORTANT THOUGHTS on this matter, I made a list of the top 5 Best and the top 5 Worst dressed men in Hollywood. Here they are for you to revel in.

Comment and let me know your opinions, even though mine is the only one that counts!


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