22 Vintage Hollywood Babes To Swoon Over

When you’re so wrapped up in present day and the current hotness of babes in Tinseltown, it’s super easy to forget that before the Liams, Shawns, Nicks, Joes, Justins, One Direction and more, there were some serious turn and stare gorgeous men gracing the silver screen with their ultimate manly babeness. Between the 50s, 60s, and… More »

11 Red Flags To Look For When Dating A New Dude

The excitement of talking to a new guy you’re into can make you feel like a puppy love obsessed tween all over again. It all starts out fine. In the beginning, he’s charming, sweet, respectful, kind. Then all of a sudden those red flags start showing and you’re frozen in place as you try to… More »

Dudes We Love And Their Amazing Eyebrows

It’s hard to go online and not be bombarded by posts about how to get great brows, what products to buy, tricks to make them look thicker, bolder and smoldering without getting the caterpillar effect. There are galleries of female celebs who have great brows and suggestions on what brows should look like on every kind of… More »

Last Minute Gift Guide for Guys + Gals!


If you’re just now realizing that you haven’t bought all your Christmas gifts yet (or ANY gifts…) and now you’re left last minute shopping, relax. There’s plenty of awesome…

Swagger For Dummies

Lately I’ve been noticing how confused some people get when it comes to the term “swag.” I’m not a big fan of the term myself. I think it’s overused and more importantly, misused. I like…

20 Hot Guy Poses vs Dog Poses

We loved user Gavreel Monroe’s post ‘20 Male Models Poses vs Kitten Poses‘ so much that we had to go ahead and do the same with dogs! These hunky dudes have some steep competition with cute furry friends. We can’t decide what we like to look at more the hotties or the dogs, both are… More »

Theo James Is The Next R Pattz

The highly anticipated film Divergent has finally found its lead male role, Theo James. Theo has been cast as Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton in Neil Burger’s adaptation of the bestselling novel by Veronica Roth. We can’t wait for this movie to come out but, unfortunately, we have to wait until 2014. Until then we will be… More »

The Hunks Of The 2013 Oscars

Hey Ladies and Gents, I decided to add onto my “picture perfect penguin suited studs” gallery by adding some of the suited up hunks from yesterday’s 2013 Oscars. ENJOY! Swoon away 🙂 xo

Izabel Goulart Sports Illustrated 2012

Izabel Goulart Sports Illustrated 2012

Facts About Virgos

Facts About Virgos

*Hurt virgo and they will forget you like they never knew you to begin with. @TheDailyVirgo

*If a virgo has lost interest in you, there is nothing you…

Hot Or Not: Miley Cyrus’ Revealing Outfit On Jay Leno

On Friday Miley Cyrus appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Lenno. She stopped by to promote her guest-starring new role on Two And A Half Men.…

The Best And Worst Dressed Men In Hollywood

Here’s my take on men’s style: Dressing well as a guy is EASY. Buy one or two good pairs of jeans (no distressing, no engineering, no bells and whistles, just JEANS), get a few packs of solid colored t-shirts, pick up a pair of Converse All Stars or Jack Purcells in a neutral color, and… More »

Cat People by Kraft Zarcø

I want topresent you a beautifulyoung Russianphotographer andillustratorKraft Zarcø! He’s only 21 and live in Rostov on Don. In runethe became known for hisphotos,which show people withanimal heads.I reallylike cat people. Think it’s just genius! More of his photos you can found at his blog. Meow! i.e Enjoy! 🙂

Decoding Guy Speak: What They Actually Mean

I wish I had more hours in the day. Everyday someone writes and pours their heart out to me, sometimes it is about following their dreams, sometimes about their families or friend issues. The number one thing I get written about is DECODING GUY SPEAK. There have been so many stories of, “but he says… More »

Who Do You Dress For?

If you take a look at fashionistas they are usually the ladies wearing the bold outfits, things most girls would not step out of their comfort zone to wear. As a…

Salt Lake City by Cara Stricker

Cooper Thompson and Cody photographed by Cara Stricker.  Styling by Bex Sheers for  Lovin’ these new wave men in their fabulous Jeremy Scott sneakers!


It’s Easy

To get pissed off.  I know this.  If you read my blog and don’t know this, well…you’re obviously new.  Or you think I coded buzznet entirely by hand to hate on the “Twilight” series, which…

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