I tried to put together some photos of how I spend my summer. I think this shows how it is here I don’t go on vacations since I have a lot to keep me busy here. I hope you enjoy your trip though those warm months at Bizarreland : )

Luigi’s Italian ice is SO good it’s the best thing to keep cool and much more tasty then just drinking water : )

I had lot’s of baby birds in the yard this year, this was a Grackle baby even though it was as big as the mother she still fed them 😀

It’s always fun to plant up some pots of flowers, well unless the deer decide it’s a great salad bar 😀

The black Swallowtail butterflies came to visit me and the girls laid me lot’s of eggs. This is a male he just stopped by for a drink 😀

Here are two of the Black Swallowtail caterpillars I’m raising. I had 8 caterpillars and two have already pupated meaning they are in their chrysalis stage. 6 more caterpillars are still eating and getting big 😀

This is what the Black Swallowtail caterpillars are eating. It’s the herb Fennel, they do really love to eat the flowers. They also love dill and parsley 😀

I’m also raising Monarch Butterfly caterpillars. I raised 6 of them and all of those are in their chrysalis stage. I also took in 2 eggs today so I will be raising them also 😀

Milkweed is the only plant the Monarch caterpillars will eat so this year I have plenty of food for them : )

I have an explosion of Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies this year. They are beautiful insects : )

I love my beautiful Stokes Aster’s the bees and butterflies love them : )

My brothers beautiful pond that he built. That’s where Mr. Froggy lives : )

Some of his flowers in an arrangement : )

The Obadiah Smith House built in 1700, this is one of my towns historical houses : )

I bought 3 more Lucky Watches for my collection, I love them so much : )

My son and his girlfriend Allison brought me some of this years honey. They have their own beehives with her father. Allison, Fred and Christian Apiary : )

Yes they brought the honey in this Annie’s Place bag. They also gave me a beautiful old moth print in a frame : )

A delicious summertime meal from my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant the BAHA GRILL in my town. Salad with Lime Soy dressing, A BAHA hot Chicken Wrap [only one half shown] inside it is rice, black beans, cheese, salsa and chicken. And those are corn chips. I have enought for 2 meals out of their dinners…… YUM : )

I just started a new jigsaw puzzle, it’s 100 Elephants and a Mouse !!! 😀

And finally this is Oyster Bay I took this in the spring but just recently a big set was built to film the movie “NOAH” starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins and Emma Watson. The movie is scheduled for release in March of 2014. I hope to get to take more photos here during this summer : )

So I hope you enjoyed your trip though my summer, we still have lot’s more time left though so there could be more interesting things coming up : )