Photo Assignment: Summer Party Time!

We haven’t done a Photo Assignment in the longest of times. This has mostly been because of reasons and I am sorry. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write things in some time. This makes me cry like so:

~ Somebody hold me ~

Anymews, we need something to do. Something that we can all post about and have fun with. That thing is summer. We need to have a summer picture party and an update from all of you lovely people about what exactly you have been doing this summer.

Mayhaps you have been chasing butterfly things in the wilds of your backyard lands, a la our wonderful patron of all the wilds, BizarreLand:

Hello new friend!

Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you made a Summer Playlist like the lovely Daydream Spills:

We like to think you’ve been jumping around all summer.

Maybe you sampled some delicious summer treats like the ever hungry Breeetany:


Hopefully you didn’t hop on your bike, ride to the beach, forget sun block lotions, and have this happen to you:


Thank goodness that my fight with the sun happened way back in June. That seems like so long ago, even though it just happened. Time flies when even when you’re not having fun. JK!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is le following:

  • Update us with what you have been doing all summer
  • This can be a blog, a video, or a photo post
  • Add it to the Photo of the Day Group or drop me a note to LMK you’ve joined the Summer Party

That’s it! Let us know how your summer has been. This can be about anything you want, so make is snazzy! These dark entries will be due on:

3 August 2012

I’ll post the round up that day as well. Are you ready? Go!