Festival Style At Capitol Hill Block Party 2012

Here’s the thing about Seattle: Summer can mean 80 degrees and sunny, as it was on the second day of Capitol Hill Block Party, which took place over a few blocks of the hippest part of the city July 20-22, or it can mean gloomy, cold, and overcast, as it was the third day of the Block Party. (For those of you wondering, the first day was for the most part temperate). The reason I am blabbing about the weather is that while interesting to the very few of us who care about meteorology, it also directly affects the style of the festival goers. As you’ll see in this gallery, Block Party goers came out to see the likes of Grimes, Major Lazer, The Coathangers, and Fitz And The Tantrums wearing everything from short shorts to thick sweaters, and every combination of layering in between. (As for me, I wore a fully lined army jacket with a hoodie underneath because I am a weak Los Angeles native with low body temperature).

Click through the gallery to see the street style from the festival, plus some bonus shots of some very stylish musicians who performed this past weekend.

(All photos by Travis Gillett)


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