Buzznet Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of The After Party’s ‘Waste the Day’ Video Shoot

This past weekend The After Party stopped by my apartment to film the music video for their latest single ‘Waste the Day!’ The up and coming pop-rock group spent the weekend shooting totally adorable scenes with their on screen girlfriends, dancing and chatting about their upcoming EP.

“‘Waste The Day’ is about wasting an entire day laying around the house with someone you care about and enjoying the little things in life,” says guitarist Andy Bell. And the band didn’t have too much trouble getting into that mindset! In their downtime between scenes, the guys got to hang by the pool and enjoy the California weather. Lead singer Kenny Greeley joked that the time he wasted between takes helped him prepare for his for his on camera moments!

‘Waste The Day’ can be purchased on Amazon music and on iTunes later this week. The After Party is about to head out on string of headlining dates across the country, including Six Flags appearances and intimate fan house parties. Their upcoming EP ‘Kansas,’ a homage to their home state, will be released July 10th, followed by several EP release shows.

Check out some behind the scene photos from the video shoot (flip to the end for highly anticipated photos of Alan!). And be sure to watch the lyric video for ‘Waste the Day.’ It’s so catchy, it’s guaranteed to be stuck in your head!

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Special thanks to director Will Turner, producers Theresa and Charly, the entire crew: Jackie, Anna, Kevin, Spencer, Mike, Anthony, Jessica and actresses: Pfeifer, Danielle, Brianna and Suzi.