Official Britney Spears X Factor Auditions In Austin Post Two

Who’s ready for round two?! Yesterday’s first auditions in Austin, TX was a huge success, so we can only imagine today will be even better.

Good luck, Brit!

Brit’s Arriving (Source)

UPDATE – 1:45 pm CST Team Britney tells BreatheHeavy Britney’s offically in the building for DAY TWO!!!

Brit signed no autographs today she was just escorted backstage

Judges are coming in through backstage.. no press today.

New behind-the-scenes photos on day two:

UPDATE – 2:40 pm CST Check her out inside the auditions!

UPDATE – 3:30 pm CST New video from today!

UPDATE – 3:35 pm CST Britney told one contestant “I wanna know who let you on stage. I feel uncomfortable with you even stairing at me.”

UPDATE: Check out this new video of the judges arriving

UPDATE: New video of Britney talking to fans at the X Factor auditions! She said:

A quick hello from Austin! Gotta get back to judging now


UPDATE: New Tweet:

“Austin – I love you! You made me feel right at home in that judge’s chair. Kansas City here we come! @TheXFactorUSA”

Jason posted a little video message for Britney on Viddy. She may be the queen, but she is his princess!

UPDATE: Jason Tweeted this:

Princess I made my first viddy message for you last night. // Wanted to surprise u. Xxoo Jason

Britney responded! She Tweeted back:

Awww love you too Xoxo RT @jasontrawick Princess I made my first viddy message for you last night.


TMZ thinks the only reason Britney’s on X Factor is because she’s trainwreck and it’ll bring in the ratings.

Yesterday on TMZ Live they ripped her a part. Here’s just one of the many things they said:

“Either way, Britney walked off which means the X Factor is doomed. It also means the X Factor is going to be awesome! Fire up the crazy train. Let’s jump on board. Can we get a boo?”

The judges, including Britney, recorded a video to put them in their place!

NEW UPDATE (May 29, 2012):

Some new audio clips of Britney’s X Factor judging auditions leaked Tuesday morning, and she sounds fierce!

Check them out:

Britney – I wish you could wake me up in the morning!

LA – heey.. Demi – AYOOO! Britney – SINGING!!!!!!!!!! Demi – *laughs* Simon – Akward! …………………… Britney – …like their song on the radio and they can wake me up in the morning!! Simon – Why are you turning red?! Britney – I DON’T KNOW!!!!! Simon – Sorry about that, Jason…. (Trawick)

“I wanna know who let you onstage… I feel uncomfortable with you even staring at me.”



UPDATE: May 31st, 2012

LOVING these new audio clips of Britney judging on X Factor. Even though there’s a wave of negative critics and reports, from what we’ve heard, Britney is in control and confident in what she thinks.

One female contestant who dressed a little too provocatively for the other judges’ taste, got support from Britney.

“I thought you were sassy, sassy, sassy, and extremely entertaining, and I’ve had so many people judge me through the years for what I wear and I say rock it.”


UPDATE: Check out another clip of Britney impressed by another contestant:



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