‘Gossip Girl’ Season Finale: Blair Finally Chooses Her Man, Lots Of Departing & A Divorce

As you Gossip Girl-ers know, last night was the season finale of Gossip Girl season five! This recap will contain spoilers, as usual, so if you haven’t watched the episode yet, I wouldn’t read this just yet. Unless, you don’t mind spoilers, then go ahead.

This episode contained a lot of Blair and Serena drama, and by a lot, I mean A LOT. But what would Gossip Girl be without their fights? At the beginning of the episode, we find out Serena has a gig for the summer – another movie role! However, Blair is really mad at her for leaking her diary to Gossip Girl so she asks one of her minions to find one of Serena’s dirtiest secrets and get back to her. Of course, the minion does what she is told and comes back with a juicy secret. Blair uses that secret to get Serena’s offer from the movie role taken back. Serena is pretty mad about this and they have a fight and then that’s when it happens. Blair accuses her of being the worst friend ever and that she is “happier when she isn’t around” and then asks her to get the hell out of her house. Dayum girl. But good for her! Serena has done nothing but bad things to her.

Now that Bart’s back, you’d think everyone would be happy at his return and that he had changed, right? Not exactly. Because he is back and technically still “married” to Lily while Rufus is as well, Rufus gets a little worried and decides to bring him the anulment papers for him to sign without telling Lily about it. Bad move Rufus, wasn’t keeping secrets from her what got you kicked out in the first place? When Lily finally finds out about it, she gets really angry and tears up the annulment papers! She is so upset about it that she decides to divorce Rufus and stay married to Bart. OHEMGEE! Did not see that part coming! I really liked Rufus and Lily together. Bart is just a manipulating b*stard and he hasn’t changed one bit.

What’s happening between Lola and Nate? Lola does not have enough money to stay in New York, but luckily she gets half of her mother’s estate and Nate offers her to live with him. But in the end, Lola says she’s going to donate the estate…to Ivy/Charlie in order for her to take down Lily. WHAAT?!

What’s Serena up to? Because she is so mad at Blair, she decides it’s time for some revenge. What’s her revenge? Well, with a little help she keeps Blair busy and occupies Dan, and by occupying I mean she…sleeps with him. How typical. Remember when she slept with Nate at the exact same place? Oh, S. Dan sends Blair an ultimatum through text telling her that she HAS to choose who she wants tonight at a party – him or Chuck. After lots of thought and a chat with her lovely mother, she finally decides (after her mother also hands over her designing company to her). She says that with Dan she feels safe, but with Chuck there’s an excitement where she feels vulnerable, but happy. However, in the end she chooses Chuck! YAY 😀 I was so happy. But unfortunately, I didn’t get my happy ending, and neither did they.

She really caught Chuck at a bad time, because he just finished having a fight with his father. Bart took away the Bass industry from him and is now the only owner because he thought Chuck is still immature. He says that he hasn’t changed and is chasing after a girl who’s turned him down so many times. Which is probably why after Blair spills all her feelings for him, he says that he can’t be with her. Seriously, Chuck? You’ve wanted her for so long and when she finally says she loves you, you be an ass, okay cool.

After Dan finds out what Serena was doing, he gets really angry and tells Serena off. He says that he doesn’t “know” her anymore and doesn’t want anything to do with her. And then he says that now that their parents are divorced, he doesn’t even need to see her. That’s when we see him packing his bags, and since he still has TWO tickets to Rome, he needs a partner. And who does he bring? No other than Georgina. And this time he is ready for some pay-back because he reveals that he is going to write the second part of “Inside” and it will be juicier than ever now that Georgina’s by his side. Uh-oh Dan.

In this episode, Nate receives a mysterious envelope from Diana that says “Could this be your gossip girl?” And inside is a tape footage of “Gossip Girl” stealing Serena’s laptop. Of course we don’t get to see her face or anything, BUT this is our very first glimpse at the actual GG!! Finally.

Serena is also seen departing New York for the summer, I’m not sure where-to but it doesn’t seem like a good place because she is seen doing drugs on the train while a guy (played by Cobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta) kisses her neck. Seems like S is going down the road she went down in in Season 1 because now she’s really got no one – she lost both Blair and Dan after all.

Not only are Dan and Serena seen leaving the Upper East Side, but so is Blair! After her mother has handed over her company to her, she leaves for France with her. Here, we see the final scene where she sees Chuck at a casino. She sits beside him and tells him that he spent all of last year fighting for her, and this year she’s going to do the same. Aweeee! How sweet!! And that’s where it ends ladies and gents!

Overall, a pretty good season finale. In my opinion, it wasn’t the greatest finale, but it was pretty good. Gossip Girl IS renewed for another season (6), however many sources are saying that this will be the final season and will be shortened. So get ready to say goodbye to GG next season.

What am I loooking forward to for the final season? Well, I’m really curious to find out who Gossip Girl finally is. I’d like to see if Chuck and Blair end up together, if Serena turns sane, if Lonely Boy finds love and if Nate’s storyline goes somewhere! But, until next time, XOXO – Gossip Girl (I just had to).

What did you think of the season finale? Are you happy with Blair’s choice? Sad that Rufus and Lily split? What do you think will happen to Serena?