I have had this LILY plant for a long time but since we have lot’s of deer they are eaten down every summer before they get to flower. Now I use a spray that keeps the deer from eating whatever I don’t want them to and these lilies are one of those 😀 View in… More »

‘Gossip Girl’ Season Finale: Blair Finally Chooses Her Man, Lots Of Departing & A Divorce

As you Gossip Girl-ers know, last night was the season finale of Gossip Girl season five! This recap will contain spoilers, as usual, so if you haven’t…

Blanket Face- Meet Me on the Moon

Take a listen to this sweet lil’ diddy by Blanket Face.


About 3 weeks ago one of my best friends in High School sent me an email through the website Classmates. It had been at least 44 years since we have talked to each other but we’re making up for lost time. We have talked for hours on the phone and it’s amazing how much she… More »

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