Demi Lovato Sees Dead People!

Demi Lovato has sure put up with a lot of crazy things as of late! While on tour in South America last month, the 19-year-old entertainer had her hair pulled and was mobbed and ambushed onstage by some very excited fans. The insanity doesn’t stop there: her brush with the supernatural definitely takes the cake! The truth is, Demi has seen dead people. Is Demi secretly a ghost whisperer?

According to Nick Cannon, the answer is yes! On the Thursday, May 3rd episode of Punk’d, the funnyman rigs the Hollywood studio that Demi is in, all in hopes of giving the “Give Your Heart a Break” singer quite the fright! (*Spoiler alert: It works!)

Watch the video below:

Do you believe in ghosts? If you encountered a ghost, how would you react?