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Celeb Street Sightings In NYC

These fashionable celebs were caught romping around the chilly big apple yesterday. Who would YOU like to see walking around your neighborhood?

‘Rags’ Premieres Tonight: This Isn’t Your Ordinary Cinderella Story!

It’s definitely not your ordinary Cinderella story: Nickelodeon original TV movie Rags premieres tonight on the network, and while it’s based on the Cinderella tale, the…

Demi Lovato Sees Dead People!

Demi Lovato has sure put up with a lot of crazy things as of late! While on tour in South America last month, the 19-year-old entertainer had <a…

Flashback Friday: SNICK Shows from the 90s

Before the days that Drake and Josh, iCarly and Victorious (and this Saturday’s iParty With Victorious) ruled the small screen, there was SNICK. 

Remember SNICK on Nickelodeon? SNICK, short for Saturday Night…

Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Finally Reveal Twins’ Names

After a bit of teasing on Twitter in the early morning hours on Tuesday, Mariah Carey FINALLY revealed the names of her newborn twins with Nick Cannon. True to…

Mariah And Nick Want You To Name Their Twins

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon want you to guess what their kids’ names are!

This morning at 3:35am EST Mariah Carey took to her Twitter with the first teaser of an announcement…

Britney Spears Interview with Nick Cannon 3-30-11

Britney was interviewed by artist Nick Cannon this morning on his website. Nick and Britney talked about the excitement that having children can bring into your life. Brit‘s favorite thing to do with her kids is to just bum around the house and cook for them.

My Roommate Made Me Watch: Drumline

I dont know why ive never seen this film, but Dino made me watch it.

I had heard good things about it after…

Nick Cannon’s Wedding Ring & Mariah’s Tattoo

Photos: Now that it’s out that Nick and Mariah are all married and stuff, here are some pictures of Cannon’s wedding ring and it looks to be covered in some pretty sizable diamonds. Ugh. That’s so gross. Does he think he’s the bride or something? Get a regular wedding band,… from

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