Clothing Companies We Love Thanks To Music Festivals!

One of my favorite parts about going tofestivals is discovering new clothing companies. I always find myself at those tents more than bands. Lately i have discovered some pretty fabulous clothing companies that will make you want to buy everything. Enjoy and let me know which ones you’ll be checking out!

Jawbreaking: One of my favorites, mostly due to how rockstar chic they are! Some celebs have even picked up a few shirts (Zayn Malik, Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan)

Jedidiah: This clothing company has some great tanks that i’am obsessed with! They also partner with some great non profits and donate the sales to them.

Love Is Apparel: They sell some great shirts and tanks that would look cute with a pair of jeans! One of my favorites is the ‘Love is music’ Shirt.

Kai Threads: i Just recently discovered this company and fell in love with this tank that they’re about to release! This surf-inspired clothing brand donates 10 percent of the sales to non profits and charites!

Kill Brand: I’ve been seeing shirts with the YSL and Channel logos all over tumblr but could never figure out who made them. I did some digging and well, i now want everything Kill Brand sells.

Free Clothing Co: This company is from where i live (Columbus Ohio). I fell in love with this heart shape hoodie and i need to buy it! They have great tshirts and tanks as well! You might of saw them at Bamboozle!

Threadless: Another great company that have thousands of designs to choose from. With cool sayings along with awesome graphics. I’m sure you’ll find one or two things to buy

The Fresh Clothing: I just recently stumbled across this company. I like how edgey this tank look! You could pair it with so many things. Major reason why i love this company. So versatile

I hope you guys check out some of these companies! Let me know if you guys discover anymore! Love a good tank top or shirt!