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Simple Plan Slays ‘No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls’ Live 15 Years Later

Nostalgia is something that can always be counted on. It comes in waves and in various different forms, but for better or worse, it is always there for you. In terms of music, nostalgia is king. A certain band, artist, song, lyric, or album can take you back to places and times in your life… More »

Exclusive Interview With X Factor Contestant Jillian Jensen

Hey Music Loves, 

If you are a fan of The X Factor I am sure you recognize the name Jillian Jensen! If not, but you are a…

Guns N’ Roses Covers War: Simple Plan V Taken By Trees

The last Guns N’ Roses cover to make a serious impact was Taken By Trees oh-so-indie folk interpretation of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. Now Simple Plan have tackled the…

Clothing Companies We Love Thanks To Music Festivals!

One of my favorite parts about going to festivals is discovering new clothing companies. I always find myself at those tents more than bands<span style="color:…

Sexy Band Boys With Tattoos

A while ago, I asked all of my moonbeam subscribers (if you are not a subscriber yet, go here and sign up) what they wanted to see more in my blogs. Some said makeup, books and advice. Someone said “more picutres of sexy band boys with tattoos” and I thought, YES! that is what all… More »

Music Notes 3/14

Music notes ya’ll! Let’s see what’s going on with some of our favorite artists. Taylor Swift’s Hunger Games new song is kind of amazing and NOT country! Yeeehaww! 

Listen to <a…

Q&A With Time Will Tell’s Christopher Minor

I had the chance to interview my friend Christopher Minor of Time Will Tell. Chris is the lead singer of the band. If you want to hear what this Jake Gyllenhaal/James…

ATL’s Alex Gaskarth Duets With Simple Plan

Not content with simply being featured on We Are The In Crowd‘s new single “Kiss Me Again“, Alex Gaskarth has joined his new touring buddies Simple Plan

Best of Warped Tour 2011

Summer is over, but let’s have one last hurrah with some of our FAVORITE photos taken at Warped Tour 2011 by our incredibly talented photogs.

10 Best Musical Performances in Teen Choice Awards History

What’s an awards show without epic musical performances – whether they are epic in a bad way or epic in a good way! The Teen Choice Awards are no exception to epic musical performances. After…

Simple Plan: A Music Video Timeline

In honor of Simple Plans fourth studio album, Get Your Heart On!coming out a week from today, here’s a look back…

Better Album Name Battle

Oh album names, what do you intend to express about your family of songs? What is your TRUE MEANING? Actually, all we want to know here is which title you find more appealing. Pick your faves amongst this pool of particularly interesting names.

Breesays’ April 2011 Playlist

Oh dang, it’s MAY and I never posted my APRIL playlist. It was a pretty upbeat playlist–summery, even. Yeah I realize I had S&M on my MARCH list but this was the BRITNEY version so…

Ambitious Promotionals Ideas Inspired by Lady Gaga and FarmVille

Lady Gaga is premiering a track from her upcoming album, Born This Way, on FARMVILLE. You know, that annoying facebook game?

Will it reach the masses? Yes. Is it a creative…

Kids’ Choice Awards Shoutouts To Buzznet!

Buzznet stopped some celebs on the orange carpet at the 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards! Drake Bell, Greyson Chance, Bella Thorne, Simple Plan and more!

Inside Scoop: Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low to Appear on Simple Plan Album

Buzznet caught up with Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low while they were in Texas for Never Say Never Festival. They talked a bit about their upcoming album, Dirty Work–and although they’ve…

Simple Plan Cover “Live Your Life”

You know, that song by T.I. featuring Rihanna? LOL. Via Absolutepunk.

Simple Plan drop off Bamboozle, Sound the Alarm added

Scheduling conflicts have forced Simple Plan to drop their Bamboozle date. Good thing there are about a MILLION other bands on that lineup.

<span style="font-weight:…

Six Degrees of Fall Out Boy: Peta2 Game

Start with John Feldman, navigate your way through Simple Plan, Avril, Good Charlotte and the like to get to Fall Out Boy.Because you’ve got time on your hands and you want to win an iPod…

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