Braid-y Bunch: Inspiring Summer Hairstyles For You And Yours

Here’s the thing about Summer (if I haven’t mentioned it before): it’s really, really hot. Like, REALLY hot. The warmest season in fact (did you know that? I bet you didn’t! Science!). So the thing is, if you have long hair, it’s going to feel like a cashmere scarf of heat on your neck, which is gross and unpleasant. But do not fret! There is a solution that is not a boring bun or a pathetic ponytail (fine, ponytails are not pathetic, they can be rather cute actually but I was sticking to my alliteration guns). That solution? Braids! There are an infinite variety of super cute (and cool) hairstyles involving braids, be they regular or French or fishtail. Some take more skill level than others, but there are many basic styles you can do with the help of a few tips or a simple video tutorial.

Here are some Tips for creating a great Fishtail Braid:

1. Make sure your hair is free of knots and tangles.

2. Use hairspray on each section before you begin braiding.

3. Make sure your separations are small enough.

4. Starting a braid with hair that is a little dirty is best!

5. Play around with different textures! Fishtails look good sleek, but also a bit messy. Find the style you like best and have fun with it.

We gathered some of our favorite looks to get you inspired. Click through the gallery and let us know which braids you’ll be weaving into your mane this Summer.


Samii Ryan: Twisted Braid Tutorial

The Hunger Games: Katniss Braid Tutorial

Samii Ryan Tutorial: Uneven Braid