If Life is Like a Movie…

Me and my best friend went out for a drive and on our way visited our other friend who works at a crappy bar in the Valley. She seemed really over her job and as she’s been wanting to do something else instead of bar tending for a while, she was expressing her boredom and frustration over it. I found myself buying into the whole tired vibe at first, almost getting bogged down by it but then something reminded me of what I’ve found myself thinking more than often: LIFE IS LIKE A MOVIE. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE SET, IT’S ABOUT THE STAR – YOU – AND THE STORYLINE. Each one of us have the full capability to make their movie just as boring or as exciting as we want. We are writing the script with each breath we take, with each thought we allow to occupy our minds and with each act of ours. Once we start taking responsibility for our reality – our movie – it is either really scary or really fun. Again, it’s all about our perception. It’s easy to live as if life is something that just happens by itself but it doesn’t. It’s a creative act and the sooner we start using our potential as the creator, the sooner we can become who we’re meant to be – glorious, joyous and spiritually connected beings that can be and do anything we set our minds to. With great power comes great responsibility – that’s why it’s kinda scary to realize how much we are responsible for our reality at first – it’s scary to not be able to blame anyone else but yourself. It’s also scary to be in a bad place when you know that you could be manifesting miracles instead. The key here is to have fun. Kids have fun all the time. Remember how amazing everything was when you were a kid?

I try to remember to direct and star in my movie as much as possible. It’s hard at times cause the society doesn’t really teach us about our spiritual potential…so much of it seems to be about making money and being successful while ignoring and overlooking the fact that THE ULTIMATE MEASURE OF SUCCESS IS SIMPLY…HAPPINESS.

So if you still play a random extra in the movie that you could play the lead in, it’s time to come out of the hiding and take the spotlight. YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR MOVIE. Fuck-ups make great stories too so no need to be too harsh on yourself. Everything is always the way it’s supposed to be. All is good. ALL IS LOVE.

If it’s not fun, it’s not worth shit…<3