‘Dancing With The Stars’: Who’s Getting The Boot Tonight?

This will mark the second week that another star will fall from the dance floor on Dancing With The Stars.Last night was most memorable year for our dancing stars and we saw a lot of tears, outrageous hair and of course our first 10’s of the season! This week left me wanting more and with the low scores from most of the dances this will be a tough week to see who will be headed home.

William Levy Dance: SalsaYear: 1995, the year he came to the US from Cuba

Score 28

Maria MenounousDance:RumbaYear: 1988, the year that her parents immigrated from Greece

Score: 27

Jack Wagner Dance: SambaYear: 2011, the year he met his daughter for the first time!

Score: 24

Donald Driver Dance: RumbaYear: 2010, the year his best friend died of cancer

Score: 26

Gavin DeGraw (Bottom 3)Dance: RumbaYear: The year he saw Billy Joel live with his family

Score: 24

Roshon Fegan (Bottom 3)Dance: SambaYear: 1996, the first time he saw Michael Jackson live onstage

Score: 25

Sherri Shepherd Dance: RumbaYear: 2005, the year her son was born

Score: 24

Melissa Gilbert (Bottom 3)Dance: JiveYear: 2010, the year she broke her back while touring with Little House on the Prairie: The Musical

Score: 24

Katherine Jenkins (The first 10 of the season)Dance: WaltzYear: 1996, the year her father died of lung cancer

Score: 29!!!

Gladys Knight Dance: Foxtrot Year: 1966, the year she went on her first tour with the Pips

Score: 24

Jaleel White Dance: RumbaYear: 1993, the year he played Stefan Urquelle, on Family Matters

Score: 25

Melissa Gilbert is my pick on who will be sent packing this week. Even though the judges said it was excellent, she had bad posture and couldnt keep up with Maksim. Makism was basically controlling her throughout the whole dance.

Encore performance will go to KATHERINE JENKINS! Lets face it, she might end up winning the whole thing! She is truly talened!

Tune in toight to see who gets the boot!