Believe It Or Not: Justin Bieber Doesn’t Want To Share His Fans!

With a new onslaught of boybands and super cute solo artists hiting the airwaves and stages across the country, the word around Hollywood has been that reigning teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber, is getting territorial about his fans!

While rumors are swirling that the “Boyfriend” singer is growing resentful over the idea of sharing his fans with artists like British sensation, One Direction, and Australian pop-star Cody Simpson, fact is, it’s simply not true.

Justin recently visited the Kidd Kraddick morning radio show and talked about his fans and their taste for his “competition.”

“I don’t think anyone is taking my fans,” he said. “I’m all for sharing my fans, I think music is a great thing and a great universal language. I have the greatest fans in the world and they’re never going to betray me so they can like whoever they want.”

Gotta hand it to Justin for his awesome attitude and having so much faith in his “Beliebers!”

Do you love or loathe Justin Bieber?