Buzzmaker Photo Shoot: Ashlee Holmes

Here they are! My final photos from the Buzzmaker photoshoot! First off, thanks again sooooooo much to the amazing photographer, Cameron Rad. I felt incredibly awkward trying to play model when I had never done that before. I was trying to see what some of the other girls were doing to sort of mimic them, but it didn’t work! Cameron even put on a Gumby suit to make me feel more comfortable lol. He’s awesome & he did an incredible job. I love his work & I hope I can have another photoshoot with him REALLY soon! I had done photoshoots before, but never anything like this. It was A LOT of fun. I loved getting to know all of the girls better during the experience.

I am always really critical when I see pictures of myself. I definitely don’t consider myself a very photogenic person. I’m trying to get better at feeling comfortable in my own skin and stop comparing myself to people like Adriana Lima & Mila Kunis lol. I hope you enjoy the photos, and I would love to know which on is your favorite! xx