Question of the Day: What’s Your Crazy Obsession?

Do you remember when “Obsession” was a cologne/perfume or whatever that was and the commercials were in black and white and didn’t have anything to with whatever was being sold?

This is more Sex Panther-y but with a tiger instead.

What about that bad ass song by Human League?

This video also brings up a great point about the topic for today’s question: your obsessions. You can totally be obsessed with anime and yes, I am totally thinking of some of you out there.

I can’t really say that I am obsessed with things because after all, they are just things. For a while I was really into collecting Day of the Dead stuff. I even have Day of the Dead tattoos. I was really obesessed with music for a while and had to have EVERYTHING the artists I liked put out. Now I just collect things here and there. I guess I got tired of owning things. I don’t like clutter in my place or my life.

What things are you totally obsessed with? Feel free to share them here. If you start talking about a person that you wait for in the bushes until they get home, I will probably citizen’s arrest you.

What’s your crazy obsession?