The All-American Rejects ‘Kids In The Street’ Album Equation

The All-American Reject’s album Kids In The Street is finally here! The Rejects have not put out an album in a few years and it feels good to have them back on the scene. This marks the band’s fourth studio album and has been in the works for the past years. Tyson Ritter traveled all over the US for writing sessions and revealed in an interview he experience a lot of self-realization between this new album and their last one. Interesting.

Some moments of the album are very dramatic and others are fun and will simply make you dance around your room. Some standout tracks for me were the up-tempo ‘Walk Over Me’ and the inpiring anthem ‘Gonzo’. Today you can jam out to the entire album on Spotify or download it on iTunes and take it for a stroll.

So let’s do some music math and figure out what this album sounds like.

Kids In The Street sounds like….

Being young and carefree.

A running slow motion scense from a romantic comedy

Finally confessing your feelings.

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

What do you think of Kids In The Street?