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A Typical Sunday Night For Me.

Can you say that you ended a weekend in Hollywood dancing infront of hundreds of people sharing the stage with Tyson Ritter from All American Rejects as he did a door’s cover “touch me”? I CAN lol Last night we got to share the stage as he serenaded all of hollywood after the Grammy‘s as… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Win An AAR Prize Pack + Phone Call from the Band! (VIDEO)

The All American Rejects latest EP Flatline is awesome and features remixes by Skrillex, Jeff Bhasker v. Tyler Johnson!! They have just released their lyric video to their current single, the album

Which Frontmen Has The Best Style?

I’m a sucker for a musician with a good voice, but add impeccable style to that mixture and i’m done. Here’s a gallery full of my favorite frontmen that’s got style to the max. From flannels to jean jackets. They sure do know how to keep my eyes glued to them. Wondering where that article… More »

Bamboozle Day 2: In The Middle Of The Ride

I am right in the thick of Bamboozle and yesterday was non-stop adventures and live music. The day kicked off with a trip backstage to The Maine‘s tour bus for and interview…

The All-American Rejects ‘Kids In The Street’ Album Equation

The All-American Reject’s album Kids In The Street is finally here! The Rejects have not put out an album in a few years and it feels good to have them…

Music Notes 3/21

It’s music notes time! All-American Rejects are psyched for their new album release and Justin Bieber ramps excitement about his new song dropping next week.  

All-American Rejects post…

Music Notes 3/15

Music notes time! So today we have one of the most outspoken musicians deciding planning a silence. For real?

Lady Gaga planning media silence. 

Green Day

Music Notes 3/13

Music notes are here people. Let’s see what’s what, shall we?

Lana del Ray to appear on American Idol. 

Tom Curise singing with Beyonce.…

Music Notes 2/1

Hayyyy lovers (and fighters), here’s some music news for you to absorb like the information-loving sponges that you are.

Lineup for UK’s Download Festival Announced

Why did BET ban Nicki Minaj‘s “Stupid…

All-American Rejects & Four Year Strong Join Blink-182’s European Summer Tour

This summer Blink-182 will be touring across Europe, and the feisty threesome will be bringing supporting acts All-American Rejects, Four Year Strong, Twin Atlantic and <a href=""…

Music Notes 1/6

Lana Del Rey doesn’t care that much about music

Ryan Key of Yellowcard flies to Sweden to write new record

Explaining Dubstep in less than 3 min

New All American Rejects

EXCLUSIVE: New All-American Rejects Album Teaser

The All-American Rejects have been trickling bits of their still-untitled 2012 release onto the internet.

Our friends at Idolator premiered the first cinematic clip last Thursday, along with the musing from AAR’s fearless frontman Tyson…

All-American Rejects Announce New Release Coming Soon

Pop rock foursome All-American Rejects announced today there is new music coming our way AND a new music video! It has been a few years since they have released any new material but in…

Know Your Music Video History: Every Avenue’s ‘Tell Me I’m a Wreck’

In the video for “Tell Me I’m a Wreck,” images of Every Avenue performing are intercut with images of people overlayed with text giving away thoughts and secrets about love and relationships. It’s almost…

The All American Rejects Give Pittsburgh Hell on Warped 2010

It’s no dirty little secret that these guys rocked da Burgh on one hell of a hot day.

PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY!: Warped Tour 2010 in Pittsburgh, PA

Rumors are swirling that July 7th, 2010 in Pittsburgh was the hottest day the city has seen since 1982.  I haven’t been able to confirm this, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  So, what kind of…

Download to Donate To Haiti

If you’ve not yet reached into your pockets to do what you can to help Haiti recover from their devastating earthquake, another opportunity presents itself: Music For Relief has put together a compilation of unreleased…

Blink182 Tour Dates Announced

Calendars out, chums, because the trio have released the where and when deets of their summer reunion tour. [cut=Let the countdown begin…]

[Credit: Getty Images]

The dates/venues

Breakin’ Down the Billboard Top 10

Watch Out Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Miley Cyrus and Soldier Boy. Daniel and I have alot to say about the artists and songs topping the charts this week — holla!!!

All-American Rejects Cover Art

Album art for AAR’s forthcoming album, “When The World Comes Down,” has hit the WWW. You can hear the first single, “Gives You Hell,” here, check out a video preview for “Mona Lisa” here, and pick up the full monty on December 16th. Playing with fire, eh boys?

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