Which ‘Glee’ Hunk Got Busted By The Cops This Weekend?

The kids on Glee aren’t as pristine as they look: they’ve been caught drinking, stealing one anothers’ boyfriends/girlfriends and conniving on the show. But the actors who play them have kept pretty low profiles when it comes to run-ins with the law… until now. Over the weekend, one Glee star got busted at his house early Sunday morning, February 5th. Which Glee hunk was it?

The adorable Cory Monteith! The 28-year-old Glee actor and Bonnie Dune drummer was throwing a house party at his Hollywood Hills home when the cops showed up at 4:30 am because neighbors complained about the noise level, reports TMZ. Sources tell TMZ that the cops spoke to Cory and his roommate, who were both extremely nice to authorities.

In the end Cory agreed to shut off the music and end the party (which had other Glee cast members in attendance) but not before cops gave Cory’s roommate a ticket for the loud music.

Are you surprised it was Cory Monteith that got busted?