Which ‘Glee’ Hunk Got Busted By The Cops This Weekend?

The kids on Glee aren’t as pristine as they look: they’ve been caught drinking, stealing one anothers’ boyfriends/girlfriends and conniving on the show. But the actors who…

Guilty Pleasure Bands That Should Reunite

Ever since Take That made comebacks cool (and financially viable), we’ve been inundated with pop bands returning to the live scenes. Ranging from BackStreet Boys with New Kids On The Block to <a…

Eight Great Songs About Singers

No, I’m not talking about songs that make subtle references to their musical love interests (insert many Taylor Swift songs here); I am instead talking about those so blatant that the singer in question is the title of…

Al Gore’s Son Busted with Pot

Al Gore III, the son of the former Vice President and the driving force behind the environmental film, “An Inconvenient Trut,” was arrested on the July 4th holiday in California and charged with speeding and possession of drugs. He was pulled over by an Orange County sheriff’s deputy after being… from socialitelife.com

Ike Turner In and Out of Jail by Mistake

After a glitch in the system mistakenly identified Ike Turner as a wanted man, he was taken into custody by police and spent the night in jail until it was discovered that the 1989 warrant for his arrest had actually been recalled four months after it had been issued. Unfortunately… from socialitelife.com


Wesley Snipes was warmly received by fans and federal authorities at an airport in Orlando. The actor was arrested upon his return to America. He had been filming in Namibia. The IRS is after the Blade star… from perezhilton.com

Torn Apart

Actor Rip Torn was arrested for drunk driving in upstate New York on Monday afternoon. Yes, he was wasted in the middle of the day!!!! This is the actors second DUI arrest. He was busted in 2004… from perezhilton.com

Snoop Arrestedizzle!

For the second time in less than a month, rapper Snoop Dogg was arrested in the Los Angeles suburb of California. This time, though, the chronic smoking Snoop was busted not just for marijuana, but also… from perezhilton.com

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