Queen’s Brian May Collaborates With N Dubz’ Dappy (Yes Really).

If you thought Paris Hilton‘s new ‘music’ was the weirdest auditory stimulus to appear online, you may need to think again. Dappy of N Dubz‘ fame has collaborated with Queen‘s Brian May. The new single’s called “Rock Star” and they haven’t stopped there – they’ve also covered, er, Queen together too.

Despite Brian May saying that whilst listening to UK station Radio 1 he “didn’t understand” the modern music playing, he claims that he found Dappy’s track “No Regrets” “really interesting” so decided to accept his offer to feature on his latest single. Brian May is certainly being eclectic with recent collaborations after appearing onstage with Lady Gaga and My Chemical Romance as well as appointing Adam Lambert as Queen’s new lead singer, but perhaps this duo is the strangest.

The pair performed a cover of “We Will Rock You” for Radio 1’s Live Lounge and so far, it’s recieved a less-than-warm welcome from Queen diehards online but is it really any worse than 5ive’s relatively successful 2000 version? Or is that still a back-handed complement?

What do you think of Dappy and Brian May working together?

Was the idea of Mick Jagger collaborating with Will.I.Am and Jennifer Lopez easier to comprehend?