Brazil, Why U So Crazy?

This morning a video of Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides getting mauled at a show in Brazil was posted on Absolutepunk. It was from about a month ago (January 20th), but still relevant for discussion purposes because, well, THERE ARE MANY POINTS TO DISCUSS. Watch:

1. I’ve never been to Brazil, but I somehow have inherent knowledge that fans there really take it to the next level. Maybe because every time I ask for fan questions, I just get a barrage of “COME TO BRAZIL” replies, no matter what band I’m even collecting on behalf of. That said, why, as a band member, would you jump in the pit? I mean, I like swimming and all, but I wouldn’t so much as stick a toe in the water if I thought something might bite me. Or grab me.

(More photos by Xander Deccio here)

2. I’ve known bands to get extra security in Brazil… so why is there exactly ONE dude attempting to help Andy back up on stage? Maybe we should’ve thought this out a bit.

3. Brazil–what’s the deal? Why do you think it’s ok to be so forceful with your beloved band dudes? What do you expect the outcome to be? Hugs? A hot date?

4. When a fan is getting mauled, a band often STOPS playing so that the audience will calm the eff down. Does his band secretly hate him and want him to die via the dagger nails og fangirls?

5. Throwing your microphone down and storming off stage is not very rock and roll. It also doesn’t seem like something that would alter the future behavior of fans. Probably would I would do is start playing something awful like Nickelback of Celine Dion until they stopped being animals and started being respectful little rockers. BUT THAT’S JUST ME.

Anyway, thoughts? Opinions? I’d like to hear some perspectives here.