Miss Britney Spears In : I’ll Fuck U Up!

This video is dedicated to my sweet friends Eddy (BritsSomethin) and Ero (xUnicornHOOKERx)! 😉

So, this is my first video for this 2012, I worked a lot and I think it’s one of my best videos ever. Even though not everyone of you love my videos, because maybe they are too simple or too banal or stuff like that, I really put all myself in everything I do and especially if it’s something about my Goddess Brit! I leave that the images explain the lyrics of the song and I always thought simply things are the best in the world.For this new video I tried to push myself on another level and I hope you can appreciate my work. I wanna also thank my friend Ero (xUnicornHOOKERx) for have told me where I can find the sparkles for Sony Vegas. What can I say about this video? 1. I hope YT doesn’t delete it or signs it as porn or stuff like that2. I really love Britney’s sensuality, it’s so overwhelming3. Britney & Jason are an awesome couple and this video is dedicated to their love, I thought Criminal music video clips about their sexy scenes are perfect with the song I chose (one of my fav dirty song ever)

So, I hope you like it and leave a comment below if you want.If you don’t like the video just leave my channel and check out something you love instead to put a dislike here!

Last, but definetly not least I wanna thank all my followers and all the people always believed in me and in what I do

Love xoxo

Song: I Love You Artist: Tila Tequila

Clips used in order of appearance:– Me Against The Music – Sweet Dreams Video Interlude– My Prerogative– Radar– Overprotected (The Darkchild Remix)– I’m A Slave 4 U– Hold It Against Me– Overprotected– Gimme More– Breathe On Me [The Onyx Hotel Tour Live In Miami]– Criminal– 3 (Director’s Cut)– Toxic

It’s Britney Bitch!