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Miss Britney Spears In : I’ll Fuck U Up!

This video is dedicated to my sweet friends Eddy (BritsSomethin)…

Happy Birthday!: Tila Tequila

Born Tila Nguyen in Singapore, 1981, we now know Tila as Miz Tila Tequila.

Here’s some picspam of the 29 year old birthday girl!


Tila Nguyen.

The Original Bad Ass Bitch, Model, and TV Star- Tila Tequila.

Pete Wentz’s F’NMTV Saved the Music Video…for Awhile

So, it was reported yesterday that MTV’s Total Request Live will finally come to an end this November.  This will mean that one of MTV’s vehicles for at least playing clips from music videos

Quick, Name That Celebrity

Which celebrity uttered this quote at last week’s premier of “The Love Guru?”

“It is because of me. I definitely think (it) has helped the
movement…Before it came out, everyone was still a little apprehensive

more mtv movie awards

Tila Tequila – I Love You

My (Bisexual) Pitch to MTV!

Dear MTV Executives,

Recently it came to my attention that not only were you planning a second season of A Shot At Love, your so called “bisexual ‘reality’ show,” you also had the audacity to refer…

Epic Mythos

“Bisexuals are just greedy!”

“Bisexual girls are just lesbians who are too scared to come out of the closet.”

“Bisexual girls are just straight girls who make out with other girls so guys will buy them drinks.”


Music Stuff 3/14

iFilm has tonsss of videos of SXSW bands! New Arctic Monkeys video. (Stereogum)Tila Tequila keeps it real. Psh. (Idolator)Ozzfest dates announced. Blah. (Absolutepunk)

plastic surgery?


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