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Aww! Christina Aguilera Describes Son Max’s Brotherly Love For Baby Summer

Only “Extra’s” Renee Bargh was with Christina Aguilera for a one-on-one interview as she prepared to return to “The Voice.” Christina opened up for the first time about her…

Mimi K’s Album Review: Tokio Hotel’s Kings Of Suburbia

Hello my dear Buzzneters,

here I am with my review on Tokio Hotel’s new album Kings Of Suburbia that I’m listening to Spotify since yesterday morning, no-stop, meanwhile I…

Tokio Hotel Special Guests At Wetten Dass

Yesterday night Tokio was the special guests in the German talkshow “Wetten Dass…?” in Erfurt (Germany) for their first performance after a while with their…

Music Video Premiere: Tokio Hotel ‘Love Who Loves You Back’

The await is OVER!

Here we are: Tokio Hotel just uploaded their lead single’s official music video of “Kings Of Suburbia

In the last…

New Album On The Work For Christina Aguilera?

Is Christina Aguilera ready for a come back with her new…


This is what all you Aliens have been waiting for!

EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel Are Back With “Run, Run, Run” Single

Hello my dear Buzzneters,

prepare hankies and be ready to goose bumps because the new single of Tokio Hotel will leave you a deep sign in your heart and soul.

The band after five years…

EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel Announce The New Album ‘Kings Of Suburbia’

Tokio Hotel are officially back. We can say it loud!

On September 2, the band shared a message on their Facebook account saying:

A message to you!…

Christina Aguilera Shares A Lovely Photo With Fans

Everybody knows Christina Aguilera is expecting a baby girl, just at the beginning of the month she posted with the baby bump in a fabulous shooting for V…

EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel 2014 Studio Teaser Video

Tokio Hotel just made me faint with this brand new teaser on their YouTube page shared via Twitter and on their official website. The new album is just around the corner, my dear Buzzneters! ps: I love the background music 😉 Source: YouTube /

Within Temptation Presents Their New Single & ‘Hydra’ Reaches #1

Whole World Is Watching” is the new Within Temptation’s single, released in two versions, from their new upcoming album “Hydra

One with Dave Pirner from US band Soul…

Tokio Hotel Q&A On Twitter [January 29, 2014]

Yesterday, the German bad had a Q&A chat on Twitter with their fans. All the Aliens could tweet their question using the hashtag #AskTokioHotel for knowing curiousities and also something more about the new album. Here there are some highlights: – The album is ready and they just had a listening session before the release… More »

Within Temptation Announce Their New Single: ‘Paradise (What About Us?)’

They are the most famous symphonic/gothic metal band from Netherlands.

They are Within Temptation.

Since their first album “Enter” published in 1997 they conquered the heart…

After 17 Years, Mazzy Star Releases New Single From New Album

The popular 90s band, Mazzy Star, released their last studio album, Among My Swan, is 1996 ,but they aren’t finished yet!  The band most famous for…

Demi Lovato Reveals ‘Demi’ Album Details

Demi Lovato is ready to give her fans a new full-length record on May 14! The new album simply titled Demi, will be available for pre-order in North America on April 2nd and…

Bill & Tom Kaulitz Shooting For Stephan Pick

Already yesterday night, on TH’s websites appeared two photos of the new shooting of Kaulitz twins by Stephan Pick, today we have the whole (I think) one. Just breathe in and out a few times before to check this gallery, it’s to die for. Source:

Waiting For… The New Tokio Hotel Album

Ok guys, the idea for this gallery came out of my mind just like all my ideas, after have seen a new Georg’s pic posted on Twitter and Facebook. So I thought to put together some photos and posts just for killing the time, in the await for the new Tokio Hotel album that it… More »

5 Reasons To Love Never Shout Never’s ‘Indigo’

Never Shout Never is back with new tunes! Ever since the band released its song “Magic” back in September, I’ve been patiently waiting for their new album in its entirety. Indigo doesn’t…

Matt & Kim ‘Lightning’ Album Equation

Indie-dance duo Matt & Kim, from New York, is back with their fourth studio album, Lightning!

After winning America’s hearts with their single, “Daylight,” from their album Grand,…

Mumford and Sons Announces Los Angeles Tour Date

The new Mumford and Sons album, Babel, will be available in the U.S. tomorrow! I almost wish I was in the U.K. right now. They are already celebrating today’s U.K. release.

Luckily, fans in…

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