Question of the Day: What do people need to stop doing in 2012?

A whole lot has happened this year. I am not sure about specifics because I haven’t really been paying attention. I just know that a whole lot of stuff went down in the real world and I am here on the internet, internet-ing all day.

Oh look, a trending topic on Twitter:

For 2012, can we not have a barrage of horrible trending topics on Twitter? I know that “Stupid Hoe” is a Nicki Minaj single but if you click into that thing, all of the comments there are the WORST. There have been plenty of other awful trending topics and in 2012, that needs to stop.

This is all I can think of right now because my brain is still asleep. The coffee isn’t working. Now it’s your turn. What things got you upset this year?

What do people need to stop doing in 2012?