My Diary: Anorexia Is Not A Life, Anorexia Is Suffering

Anorexia is not a life. Anorexia is suffering. “She” isn’t my friend and “she” destroys everything around me, everything what I’m able to make during my free time. My fear is…

Question of the Day: What do people need to stop doing in 2012?

A whole lot has happened this year. I am not sure about specifics because I haven’t really been paying attention. I just know that a whole lot of stuff went down in the real world…

Question of the Day: If You Could Stop Someone From Doing Something What Would It Be And Why?

This QOTD sort of comes from Twitter. There’s a Trending Topic that’s all like, “If you could ban little kids from doing something,” so on and so forth. I don’t like banning people unless…

I Am Putting a Stake in the Heart of This Vampire Thing

I like vampires. 

One might even say I LOVE vampires. 

I love the mythology, the sexual side of them and the horror factor.  As a high school goth chick, I spent a lot of time thinking, reading,…

Against Me! Rock the Vote PSA Featuring ‘Stop!’

Not just a PSA for Rock the Vote, my friends! This 39-second clip of awesome is ALSO an exclusive sneak peek at Against Me’s new video for “Stop!”

Spice Girls at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The reunited Spice Girls perform a show stopping rendition of “Stop” with a 40’s USO feel. And I continue to love them unironically.

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