The World Dreams of Ryan Gosling

This Saturday is Ryan Gosling‘s birthday!! You know what that means, right? We have to talk about him all day every day until the end of the week. NO? Yes! There are only 86,400 seconds in the day and so many of those are spent sleeping, what a waste of perfectly good RyGos fantasy time! UNLESS, you can spend all of those precious minutes and hours dreaming up a wonderful dreamscape that involves you and Ryan (and possibly cake and/or cats) in a place that no one will ever find you. Dreaming of Ryan Gosling is a Tumblr that has wrangled screencaps of all the people who have tweeted the contents of their Gosling dreams. Enjoy.

I would love to have the Jurassic Park dream, that one sounds thrilling. Have you ever had a GosDream? TELL US ABOUT IT (but keep it SFW people.