Real Life Style Inspiration: Misha McKagan

This week, I would like to proudly introduce you to my lovely friend Misha McKagan. I was initially highly drawn to this rad girl mainly because of her carefree, rock and roll lifestyle and our common interests in Daria, Joan Jett and movies from the 80s! Although Misha hails all the way from Prague, Czech Republic we keep in touch by sending eachother cool postcards filled with Lisa Frank stickers (major cool points there)! She describes herself as a poor student who is influenced by the 80s and early 90s fashion with elements of rock and roll (her favorite band is Guns N’ Roses). She most frequently shops at second hand clothing stores, has a slight obsession with a weird pair of wedges she bought at a flea market, and is also a huge fan of the online clothing store Black Pyramid.

In the future, Misha plans to travel around the USA and become a psychologist…but for now, Misha serves as 1/5 part of The Fabulous Stains…(along with fellow Buzzneter Bebe Zeva, previous Real Life Style Inspirations Chelsea Rea and Violetta Ell, and yours truly). Check out our vintage clothing collection HERE! It’s filled with all things 80s, 90s, grunge, goth, punk, hippie and even some DIY pieces.It is such a pleasure to be working alongside such an inspirational, stylish girl! She is like a modern day Kelly Bundy…and simply one of the coolest girls I know!