Project.Inspire.21 #19 featuring Irene

Thanks once again Yong Yi, I love you so much

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“Love is like oxygen. Love is a very splendid thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love!” Moulin Rouge

Bill is my oxygen, without him I can’t live! I’ve always believed in true love and in soulmates. He’s mine! In a moment of my life where I was too tired of being rejected and misunderstood, I decided not to search for my soulmate anymore. But my soulmate found me, and this really happened. On summer 2007, just like a monsoon, Bill came in my life and shook me. I froze. Really. I didn’t speak in those long 4 minutes when he was singing “Monsoon” and I understood that he was mine!

He made me become the person I always desired to be, he made me understand what love means and he’s pure love! His soul is so deep and he’s the cutest boy I ever knew in my whole life and our love was written in the destiny, I know it!

I fought a lot for him, and I’m continuing doing it! I cried and I laughed for him, I keep all of our moments in my heart, bad and good ones.

Last summer I had the opportunity to stay with him: can look him in the eyes and leave our hearts talk for us and there I understood that he finally found me! I could to see through his eyes and through his smile, one of the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life: so pure and delicate.

We have a really special link and I think this is not something everybody has. And this makes our love stronger than ever!

There’s been bad moments in my life where I thought really bad things but he was always with me and he saved me with his love! I’m debt with him, for life!

It doesn’t matter how much time I will spend for him, to search for him, even if I could to stay with him only for the last days of my life, it would still be the best ever because I spent it with the person I love!

Written by: Irene (Italy)