The Fabulous Stains: Vintage Grunge, Goth, Punk & Hippie Clothing!

I’d like to proudly introduce to you my new vintage clothing collection, The Fabulous Stains! I’ve been hyping up this venture for quite some time now, so I’m really excited to see it come to fruition – and just in time for Cyber Monday! The collection was actually started by my best friends and I (fellow Buzzneter Bebe Zeva, previous Real Life Style Inspirations Chelsea Rea and Violetta Ell, and Prague cutie Misha McKagan).You see, we all formed this super crew of fashion, style and inspiration due to our significant common interest and slight obsessions with over-accessorizing, Kelly Bundy, Desperately Seeking Susan, Ghost World, David Bowie, Lisa Frank, glitter, candy, photo booths, Clarissa Explains It All, John Waters, WΔS†ED YOU†HS and pizza. It became really important to us to share our influences from across the globe. And with our common love of vintage, flea markets and thrift stores, creating our very own online clothing store was the obvious thing to do! It’s filled with all things 80s, 90s, grunge, goth, punk, hippie and even some DIY pieces…so go celebrate Cyber Monday the way it should be celebrated and head on over to our fabulous online shop!