New York Times Aires Femme Fatale Tour Special

Britney’s Femme Fatale Tour special aired on the Jumbo Screen in Times Square Saturday night, and it was a HUGE success! Fans crowded the cold streets of New York City to see the queen of pop do her thing. Even though the show didn’t have sound, fans gathered around and sang along.

Check out fans watching Till The World Ends

And here’s one fans’ cool story of the night

So Britney’s FEMME FATALE TOUR at Times Square…

…had no audio! OMG. Me and my friend were just chilling in Times Square, and it was 8 o’clock and nothing seemed to be happening. I saw that, a block away, a screen was playing the FF Tour! So we ran over during the pre-HIAM video, and when we got there we realized there was NO sound!

So we were there watching HIAM without any sound, other than one guy singing along at the top of his lungs. By the final chorus, about five or six of us were singing (there was probs about 20 people there at that point, all MAJOR Britney stans like you wouldn’t believe). These fans literally knew EVERYTHING. Every voice warble, every sound effect, every single thing about Britney and the Femme Fatale Tour.

By the time 3 came around, more of us were singing. Piece of Me was a big hit, and then BFB was a big favorite! More and more people were joining us as we all just sang our hearts out to How I Roll, If U Seek Amy, omg. It was SO good. So many people passed us and were giving us all these looks and all the Brit fans were like “BOW TO YOUR QUEEN!” The guy who was originally the only one singing was HYSTERICAL. He literally would yell at people on the streets, “WHY ARE YOU WALKING BY!? THIS IS BRITNEY SPEARS. THIS IS AMERICA – THAT IS YOUR PRINCESS!” It was AMAZING.

Omg Gimme More, DLMBTLTK, Boys were all such amazing sing alongs. And then BOMT and S&M? Amazing. We probably had about 50-60 people at that point all singing at the top of their lungs. And everyone was just talking about Britney in the downtime omg. It was so much fun. This one guy (in one of the pictures…the one behind the bush) was at the Atlantic City show with Lady Gaga! Omg.

Trouble for Me/Slave 4 U (which got people legitimately standing in front of everyone ans busting out the choreo)/I Wanna Go (every single person singing) were so much fun. Like, legit. I think I had more fun here than at the actual concert just because EVERYONE was such a hardcore Britney stan.

And don’t even get me started on Womanizer. Man, people were freaking the eff out. Even this lil’ seven-year-old girl in front of me (with her mom the whole time – adorbs!) was stanning so hard for Britney. Toxic and TTWE were insane. Omg. When Nicki came out it was like when she came out at my show – people were DYING. It was like Nicki had physically come out. Everyone was screaming “I AIN’T TALKIN’ POULTRY WHEN I SAY THIS CHICKEN’S FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIED.” We got SO MANY LOOKS it was insane. A lot of passersby would stop…by the end we probably had 70-80 people singing Britney. It was insane.

I thought it was going to be so meh and people would leave because there was no audio. It literally just was a crescendo. It got more and more intense as the concert went on. Omg. Every three seconds someone would shout “IT’S BRITNEY BITCH!” During one of the interludes, we all just started singing Criminal. It was amazing. And we all got to talk about the tour and how mad we were when He About To Lose Me was cut (the guy doing the half-heart in the picture said his show was the first show to have HATLM cut!).

It was literally the most fun thing ever. The stans were so nice and so friendly. After EVERY performance we would all cheer “YEAH BRITNEY!” and all scream. It was amazing. Omg, when Brit did her backbend during Womanizer, the charismatic guy was screaming “MOTHER OF 2! STILL HOT AT 29!” It was insane. I want to re-live it so badly. IT WAS AMAZING OMG.

It’s a testament to the power of Britney that people will stand in 50 degree weather and scream her songs for 90 minutes for a screening of a pre-recorded concert WITHOUT ANY AUDIO. I’ve never been happier to be a total Brit fan!

What do you think about this special initiative?