Locketship 4 Year Anniversary Party.

This past weekend my band and I performed at Meltdown Comics for the Locketship 4 Year Anniversary Party, sponsored by Jones Soda.We had such a blast celebrating such an amazing occasion with them! I was very excited to see some of my great friends there, including Kerli, fellow Buzzneter’s Stephanie Shaw Armen Atoyan and Lola Blanc, the ladies of Nail Couture LA, cutie Jenny Rae of Lil Rae Cakes (who provided the most delicious cake balls…or “spaceballs” EVER), Michelle Nguyen of Chubby Bunny Accessories and Sparkling Sea Collection model Traci Hines, who of course was dressed as a mermaid! I was totally diggin’ the ‘galactic theme’ and it was really fun to seeing everyone’s incredible outfits…and not to mention Locketships amazing collection!