Just A Week And Then I’m 21!

I know I haven’t been so much here in those two days and in general in this last period, and I know I could be a little bit boring about the fact I always repeat the same stuff in my last update posts.. but I really feel the need to do it! Lately I’m a little bit busy with a lot of stuff and I try to do all my best to stay here and update my profile and answer to all of you, now having Internet on my BB is more easy because I can leave a message on Twitter so all of you can know if I’m alive or not XD and if you didn’t add me yet, do it! xp But I usually find the time to leave a little update post of myself in those days, I’m planning to do a project next year talking about myself and what is going with me along the days, but I have some little ideas for the next year but I won’t say you more because I have to plan them in the perfect way!

Just a week and then I’m 21, oh Lordy XP I really would like to have a huge party with Britney too for celebrating our birthday together, maybe one day it could be possible!

Last, but definetly not least, I would like to thank all of you, for your support and for your sweet comments, you are really a family! I had to do my 3rd Buzznet Story Tellers Assignment yet, I hope to find the time in the next days before the deadline

I hope you have a lovely week so far

With Love

Irene xoxo