Getting Results: R is for Ring

Thanks to Susannah, the last Buzznet Photo Assignment was all about the fancy things you adorn your fingers with: rings!

These are some of the treasures that Susannah has:

With this idea in your minds, some of you took to the assignment and shared with us what some of your treasures mean to you.

Jeff’s wedding band that was forged in the fires of Mordor:

The wedding band of Candl‘s Dad:

Pishelle puts her own twist on the assignment and gives us some ringing bells:

BizarreLand‘s favorite ring was a gift to her:

Meghan93‘s birthstone:


RedChanges likes her nose so much that she put a ring on it:

Reverie and the trinity (of rings):

IDK who did this but it sucks amirite?

And there you have it, folks! Look at all those rings! Let us take a moment to remember the ruler of rings:

Oh and this:

That is all. Go to everyone and let them know how much you love their works! See you all next assignment! Join the Photo of the Day Group if you want to party with us.

Which of the rings is your favey?