Change Up Your Hair…WITH BLEACH

Tired of the same old ‘do? Try something new!

Although bleaching your hair is bad, if you condition it every other night and deep condition it once a week, your hair will become healthy. After bleaching your hair, be sure to wait at least a week before dying it.

Here are some different things you can do with bleach:

1) Whole head. Bleach your whole head. Be sure to research what brand you should use, depending on what kind of hair you have.

Some looks to try:

Some tutorials I suggest:

-“Hair Bleaching Tutorial” by MonetMakeup (//

-“How I Got My Hair From Black To Blonde.” by JenieChaotic (//

-“Bleach Black to Platinum: Time Lapse Video” by iBleedAdventure (//

2) Streaks. Try streaking some chunks in your hair. You can do chunks from your underlayers, top layers: the possibilities are endless!

Some looks to try:

Some tutorials I suggest:

-“Bleaching hair out of the box.” by nallieisbamboozled (//

-“Tips on Hair Styling : How to Streak Hair” by expertvillage (//

3) Half N’ Half. Streak layers of your hair, usually your bottom layer.

Some looks to try:

I haven’t found any tutorials, but try watching some of the tutorials from each category and create your own look.

4) Highlights. Give your hair intense highlights. Try this with darker hair.

Some looks to try:

Some tutorials I suggest:

-“How to do Thick, Chunky Highlights with Foils” by favatat (//

-“Highlighting My Hair At Home!” by fashionablyjamie (//

-“How To: Highlight Hair at home using Highlighting Cap” by happyg0lucky7 (//


Please watch this after (or before) you bleach your hair. Or if you have dry, overprocessed hair.

“Repair damaged, overprocessed hair after bleaching” by katey0787 (//

-Deep condition your hair! (// I suggest “Aussie deeep conditioner” which you can find in any drugstore or online. Keep the conditioner in your hair for atleast 2 hours before washing it out.

-For more ideas, check out AmberKatelynBeale’s channel. She dyes her hair a lot, and has done some really cool tutorials. (//