Things Every Girl Thinks Who Hates Her Damaged Hair

Having a head of hair is kind of amazing. It never stops growing, can be cut, dyed, curled, straightened, glossed, moussed, hair sprayed and much much more. However, when you’ve done a ton of damage to your locks there’s a good chance you’ll wake up one day, look at your mop of fried dead hair… More »

How to Dip-Dye Your Hair

One of the biggest trends this summer has been dip-dyed hair. Some people dip-dye there hair one simple color and others dip-dye there hair multiple colors, either way it looks super cute and…

Change Up Your Hair…WITH BLEACH

Tired of the same old ‘do? Try something new!

Although bleaching your hair is bad, if you condition it every other night and deep condition it once a week, your hair will become healthy. After bleaching your…

Hair Update

I bleached the underlayers of my red hair yellow/blonde. I used Raw’s Beyond Bleach White Out Vol. 40 from Hot Topic ($12.99).

Hair Candy: Bleach Salon

Check out LC’s new ‘do too on Audrey’s blog!

Reblogged from Emma Green x

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that over the past six months, the high end models on the runways…

Got Bleach?


Got Bleach?

Dark hair. Bleached pieces. Short haircuts. Care to join the craze?

Try experimenting with bleach. For DIY bleaching, I strongly suggest purchasing:

Platinum blonde (i.e. white blonde): Raw White-Out Kit Vol. 40 ($12.99 at Hot Topic)


To Dye For Hair

Where can I get me a pair of these peace sign sunnies?

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