Boys Like Girls Are Back In The Studio

If you’re a fan of Massachusetts pop-rock, today might just be your lucky day because it turns out Boys Like Girls are enjoying the third day of recording their new album. There’s been no official statement yet but several tweets have confirmed that the band are making a follow-up to their 2009 album Love Drunk after all.

Drummer John Keefe confirmed the news via Twitter earlier today. Yesterday he cryptically posted “Day 2” before mentioning “tracking drums” but due to many fans recognising Boys Like Girls’ current status as some sort of hiatus, it took a whole day for people to realise what the news was but thankfully John pointed everyone in the right direction with a very obvious tweet today:

So far there’s been no official announcements or tweets from other band members – maybe it was suppossed to be a secret. Opps! (sic)

But now the news is out on the open, are you glad that they’ve decided to make a third album?