Panic! at the Disco Release a Lyric Video for ‘Mercenary’

So, Panic! at the Disco is among a number of awesome bands featured on Arkham City: The Album, a release that goes along with the hit video game Batman: Arkham City.

Panic’s contribution is titled “mercenary” which is kind of appropriate because…wait, crap, if I tell you about that cameo appearance it’ll be a spoiler. It’s probably better if I just post the video so you can enjoy the lyrics about how Brendon Urie is a mercenary of love.

Oh, and there’s game footage in the video as well, including some stuff that’s potentially spoiler-y, just be warned if you intend to play.

I have to say, I could have done without the Arkham City footage…or at least the footage they chose to use. And was it really necessary to photoshop in those pictures of Panic? Really?

What do you guys think? Have you heard the Arkham City album and/or played the game? Are you fans?