Lindsay Lohan: From Morgue Duty to Playboy

When times are hard, one cannot be too picky – especially when it comes to making money! And for Lindsay Lohan, it seems that those hard times are now. With a harsh court date behind her (and a whopping one million dollar bail) and another one coming up November 2nd, it’s best that Lindsay find her a job that makes money, considering she doesn’t seem to be making any movies or TV show appearances lately. And volunteering at the morgue as per the judge’s orders doesn’t exactly make one any money.

TMZ reports that Lindsay has finally given in and will pose nude for Playboy for nearly a million dollars. Apparently the deal has been in the making for months and initially Lindsay asked for $1 million to show off her goodies. Hugh Hefner and Co. countered with $750,000, which Lindsay scoffed at. Looks like they came to an agreement recently and that Playboy offered her less than her original asking price – but enough to make her sign on the dotted line.

Hey, the bail money doesn’t come out of nowhere!

When asked about the situation, Lindsay’s rep responded with, “I can neither confirm or deny at this time.”

If the story wasn’t true, it’s likely that her rep would have flat-out denied the reports. Interesting!

According to TMZ’s sources, the shoot began this weekend.

Would you ever pose nude for anyone for a million dollars?