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Celebs With Perfectly Pink V-Day Hair

In six short days, the entire universe will explode into a beautiful rainbow of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, long-stemmed roses, and overpriced prix fixe dinner menus. Before you throw in the towel and attempt to boycott Valentine’s Day so you can watch eight straight hours of Winter Olympics coverage, try to turn off your shade and… More »

Celebs Going All Out for Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just TWO days away! In a matter of hours, everybody nation-wide will throw caution to the wind, ditch diets and bask in day-long food comas thanks to snoozy turkey and delightfully carb-heavy side dishes. While you ready your fave pumpkin pie recipes and pull out your fat pants, don’t… More »

#FBF 8 Mean Girls GIFs We Still Live By

Back in 2004, Mean Girls hit the big screen. This hilarious teen comedy written by Tina Fey and starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams, was pretty much everything. It made us laugh, cry, and re-evaluate all those wild High School norms. Well, maybe it’s been 13 years, but we still live for this flick. On… More »

Stars In Commercials Before They Were Famous


This month at Buzznet we are all about makin’ memories and remembering some of our fave moments from the past. I decided to take a trip down memory lane…

#FBF – 10 Hollywood Couples We Forgot Were A Thing

In our mega-celebrity obsessed culture, we kind of sort of know (or want to know) who all our favorite actors and musicians are shacking up with. Once the romance dies, these IT couples just fade away into our memories. On this Flashback Friday, let’s reflect on some Hollywood couples we forgot were a thing. 1…. More »

QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember Mean Girls?

Sooo ‘Nilena’ Might Be A Thing Again…

Sup Thursday…kinda love that this week is flying by! Let’s check out what’s buzzing on the world wide web!

There’s a serious buzz happening in Tinseltown that Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez could be

Jessie J and Lindsay Lohan at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2014

 Jessie J and Lindsay Lohan at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2014

Lindsay Lohan’s Piano Outfit: Sour Note Or Pitch Perfect?

Lindsay Lohan stepped out in this musical number in New York recently. The reality star rocked a piano key sparkly shift dress with knee high socks…

Is This Lindsay Lohan’s Best Comeback Look Yet?

Lindsay Lohan is all about the Big Apple post-rehab, and lucky for us, she’s rocking the seasonal style of the city. In what may be…

The Tale Of Lindsay Lohan As Told By Gifs

Once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan was an adorable redhaired child star who captivated America when she expertly portrayed a pair of twins in Parent Trap, who wanted to setup their parents (the…

TONIGHT: Lindsay Lohan Guest Hosts Chelsea Lately (And I Was There)

Yesterday (August 1) I had the amazing opportunity to go watch the taping of Chelsea Lately with guest host Lindsay Lohan!!! I am a huge Lilo fan and couldn’t control my excitement. I was sat…

So This Is Happening: Lindsay Lohan Gets Reality Show On OWN

You guys. I am equal parts terrified and very excited for what is about to happen. My hero and master of the universe, Oprah has snagged the first interview…

Celebrities’ Transformational Covers

Miley Cyrus‘ recent magazine covers have solidified her new, edgy image. Celebrities have long used editorial covers to showcase different looks than the public expects them. Whether to change their reputation, make an artistic statement, or just get people talking, these moments are a good chance to see stars in a different light. Check out… More »

Hollywood’s Hottest Redheads

In honor of St. Patricks day we are taking some time to show off some of the hottest red heads around. Two of my best friends are red heads and I am always so jealous of how fab their hair is. I love when girls own their red hair and these ladies most definitely do… More »

WATCH: The Trailer For Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring” Starring Emma Watson

I am a HUGE fan of Sofia Coppola films, so I was super excited to see the trailer for her newest film

Celeb Holiday Gift Guide

Making our list and checking it twice, finding out who’s naughty or nice – with Christmas just days away, that’s the name of the game here at Buzznet this week! There’s only four shopping days until the big holiday and, while we have most of our presents done, there are a few people we still… More »

Lindsay Lohan Could Face 245 Days Behind Bars!

If the reviews for her whack-ting in Liz & Dick weren’t bad enough, Lindsay Lohan has more woes to worry about! The troubled starlet is officially facing…

Demi Lovato Defends Lindsay Lohan And Tells The Media To Back Off!

It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan is one incredibly troubled star. The former child star-turned-Hollywood starlet has become the walking punchline for numerous media headlines…

My Current Inspirations

Here are a few things that are inspiring me in fashion. This winter I want to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I want to dress up, wear heels, wear more layers than ever and just feel overdressed all the time.

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