Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant or Just Plus Size?

In the past few months almost every media outlet from ABC News to The Daily Mail has been pushing speculation that singer and fashion designer Jessica Simpson is expecting her first child with fiance Eric Johnson, but Simpson’s rep has insisted that is not the case.

So is Jessica just getting plump sans baby?

Last month, InTouch reported that “source close to Jessica” is expecting and “already having kooky cravings”, but of course this magazine is not exactly the New York Times if you catch my drift.

The Washington Post is also weighing in on the subject stating that both Jessica and her rep are not saying a word on the subject – and haven’t made an official announcement since June, when her rep denied the rumor.

But are Jessica’s recent wardrobe choices and body language telling us something else?

Does she look as though she is trying to cover a baby bump or just some belly buldge?

Simpson did push back her original wedding date to Johnson, stating that she didn’t want to be a plus size bride.

She also has a bit of history with weight fluxuation.

Does anything seem different this time around?

It’s hard to say, but she does seem as if she is trying to hide something.

So what do you say on the subject?

Do you think that it’s just weight worries or do you believe that Jess is expecting?