Halloween with Washington!

It was more of a challenge for Aussie superstar Washington to answer Buzznet’s Halloween questions since they don’t really celebrate the holiday down under. See what the singer had to say below:

If you were a ghost, which place would you choose to haunt? I’d haunt the dwellings of my ex-boyfriends. I’d short sheet the bed and over-water their indoor plants, and shave their pets.

Which horror movie villain could you outsmart?Not many, I don’t think. Although, maybe the chainsaw guy in Texas chainsaw, maybe I could outsmart him. It always seems to be like horror movies are full of people doing the EXACT opposite thing to the logical and rational thing, thereby heading headfirst into a good maiming. I mean, aren’t there so many moments in a horror film where you’re just screaming “RUN! RUN! RUN AWAY! WHY ARE YOU STILL THERE?!!?!” at the screen? I am. These kids need to get a good pair of trainers and start sprinting.

When was the last time you were truly frightened?I was walking past a trash pile in Manhattan a few nights ago and I stopped to answer my phone. I stood beside it for about 2 minutes before I realised the whole thing was moving, and that the moving parts were rats. Then I imagined that they were about to run over my feet and run up my legs and the whole situation was extremely unsavoury and scary and bad.

What’s the most unintentionally scary person place or thing you can think of?This is the truth, I have Batrachophobia. I am terribly, terribly afraid of frogs, toads, and all of those squatting damp things. It’s so irrational but I just can’t even look at one. Even pictures of toads make me really anxious.

If you had the sweetest pumpkin carving skills in all the land, what kind of masterpiece would you create?I’d like to carve 4 pumpkins as the 4 Elvis’s. Sweet Country Sex Elvis, Grownup Army Elvis, Gigantic Sweaty Elvis, and Creepy Impersonated Elvis (which is a new breed of Elvis that evolved into being once the original was gone).

What are the 3 best Halloween candies?Halloween candies are a thing that we don’t really do in Australia. BUT: I did read Babysitter’s club as a kid and a LOT of Judy Blume* so I know enough to answer this question: Toffee Apples, Candied Corn and… smores? (*I also just googled “halloween candy” but nothing really came up except ads, so there you go.)

Zombie, werewolf or vampire?Vampire. They have the most sex appeal, and also the most self-discipline, so they come over as being quite angsty and troubled with a twist of hostility, which is kind of what I look for in a man. Werewolves are okay but they always get defeated in battles and Zombies are just gross and rotting.

Do you have any great trick or treating memories of your youth?This question has made me realize that there are now TWO things I have never done that I would really like to do. One is Crowd Surf and the other is to go Trick or treating. Australia’s not really a T&T (I can call it that, right?) kind of place. You Americans. You have all the best traditions.

How old were you when you stopped trick or treating, and was it your decision?Oh my god: I HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED! I have so much to live for. Will I be the world’s oldest voluntary Trick or Treater?

What songs would you put on a playlist to creep people out?I’d put on “Every Breath You Take” by Sting and I’d get all close to the person’s face and mouth the lyrics in this perfect blend of sincerity and play-acting so they wouldn’t really know if I was kidding around or actually confessing my deeply felt desire to stalk them. I would finale this performance by pressing my palm to their face and dragging it downwards and then laughing hysterically like the whole thing was a big joke.