Question of the Day: What Was the Last Thing That Embarrassed You?

When I feel embarrassed, it’s usually because of other people. Does that sound weird? Probably. There have been times I’ve gone to eat at restaurants and my friends swear at the server and that makes me embarrassed for my friends. Or sometimes when people say things that aren’t exactly the brightest thing and you just go OH WOW. I AM EMBARRASSED FOR YOU.

This is embarrassing, right? That really isn’t the cats fault though.

You know, kind of like anything that Michele Bachmann or Herman Cain say. I mean really now. I am embarrassed for us a species.

Totally his fault.

I’ve never fallen down stairs or dropped food while waiting tables or anything like that. The times that I’ve fallen off my bike were when I was alone and doing awful stuff. I have some nice scars on my legs from where the pedals gouged out flesh. Those were the days.

Anyway, tell us when was the last time you were embarrassed. It can be for anything. Was it something you did? Something someone else did? There are a lot of reasons to be embarrassed, so share.

What was the last thing that embarrassed you?