Buzznet Speculates on These Brand New Images From the ‘Avengers’ Set

Last week they were on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, but now this week we’ve got two new photos of The Avengers in action on set. And Buzznet is right here to speculate on what they could mean.

Here we see Captain America and Thor looking into the sky:

What could they be looking at? Loki? A spaceship? Falling debris?

OFFICIAL BUZZNET SPECULATION: Thor and Captain America are witnessing a double rainbow. And it is SO INTENSE.

Here is director Joss Whedon talking to Scarlett Johansson:

What could they be discussing? Scarlett’s motivation? A difficult upcoming stunt sequence?

BUZZNET OFFICIAL SPECULATION: Joss is trying to explain to Scarlett that no, there won’t be a crossover with her ex-husband Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern franchise because that’s a DC comic book and The Avengers are part of the Marvel universe. Scarlett remains unconvinced.

Hopefully we’ll have more Avengers news for you after the highly anticipated panel and screening at next weekend’s New York Comic Con!