Beyonce’s People Says Baby Bump Is Real: Do You Believe Them?

Ever since footage of Beyonce‘s interview with Australia’s Sunday Night Show showed a possible faulty baby bump, rumors have surfaced everywhere that Bey is faking her pregnancy, wearing a faux baby bump while a surrogate mother carries her child. Beyonce, who first debuted a baby bump and the news that she was with child in August at the VMAs, has also announced that she is due in February. Since the Sunday Night Show interview, however, there has been lots of talk and doubt that Beyonce is actually preggers.

So what does Beyonce have to say about all of this?

UK’s Daily Mail has the official response from Bey’s people:

Beyoncé Knowles has vehemently denied suggestions that she wears a fake baby bump. A spokesperson for the singer told America’s ABC News today that insinuations about the 30-year-old singer donning a prosthetic belly for an interview on Australian television were ‘stupid, ridiculous and false.’ The dramatic denial comes after footage of the interview, given to local TV personality Molly Meldrum on the Sunday Night programme, became a YouTube sensation. The fascination lies in the fact that at one point – around the 57 second mark – the cameras appear to show Beyoncé’s bump being squashed and moving as she sits down.

During the interview to promote her new album 4, she revealed she is due to give birth in February, adding that she feels ‘grateful’ and ‘blessed’ to be expecting her first child. The footage promoted speculation on gossip websites that she is wearing a prosthetic bump. U.S. blog Media Takeout was the first to highlight the peculiar moment, citing it as ‘evidence’ she is exaggerating the look of her bump. Other news outlets have since weighed in on the matter, with the The Washington Post calling it ‘weird’ while ABC News asks: ‘Is Beyoncé’s bump as big as she’d have us believe?’ And it has even triggered wild ‘conspiracy theories’ that she is faking her pregnancy while a surrogate mother carries her baby … Online bloggers accused her of wearing a padded belly to the MTV Video Music Awards in August in an effort to make her pregnancy revelation ‘more dramatic’. She made a point of flaunting her bump on the red carpet in an orange Lanvin gown and later rubbed it dramatically during a performance on stage.

Here’s the interview again – you decide!

Do you think that the rumors are true that Beyonce is faking it and a surrogate mother is actually carrying her child, or is this all a big rumormill because of Beyonce’s poor fashion choices? Thoughts?